USB keys 3G and 4G to connect by internet.

USB keys 3G and 4G serve to connect by internet. A connection of the last generation which allies performance and speed in zones, often urban, covered by networks. Intended to connect, but also to store limited data, below some explanations concerning the advantages, but also the functioning of these USB keys.

USB keys 3g and 4g: all that it is necessary to know!

What are the advantages of USB keys 3g / 4g?

The first remark, it is that these keys 3g / 4g look like other classic USB keys, but they serve to connect via a wireless network with internet. Therefore, an USB key 3g / 4g replaces all the modem or the internet cubicle, and allies more power and performance. Therefore, they use the networks of the operators as WiFi or and thus requires one SIM card the subscription at the operators is essential to be able to use them. His main advantage it is that it is not cumbersome, while allowing to connect everywhere via its computer, provided that the zone of connection is covered by the operator. Furthermore, these keys can act as hotspot by accepting the division of connection with other peripherals.

How well to use USB keys 3g or 4g?

The use of these keys is very simple: having to buy them at the operator’s, it is enough to put the card(map) sim, to connect the key in its computer, then to install(settle) a small software already supplied with the key, to be able to connect freely. Furthermore, no modification of the parameters of connection of the computer is required, because the software installed(settled) meadow makes all the work. In addition to that, he(it) offers a complete information about the network, the debits(flows) of connection, the duration and the customer account(account receivable). Furthermore, keys usb 3g and 4g adapt themselves perfectly to the new technologies of Web, as Platform of sending of SMS or Web to SMS.