Mass SMS sending by internet – Multiple SMS

To send mass SMS via internet with a platforms in SaaS

The sending of massive SMS or the sending of mass SMS by internet, became very simple. Accessible(approachable) to all, in a few clicks, you go to inform your customers or your prospects, you go to throw(launch) a new product, or simply to announce a stock shortage (very appreciated(estimated) by your customers).

You import your contacts, you generate your message either you use a predefined message, and in a simple click, your campaign(countryside) left … Include there even if you wish it by postponing her(it) from several hours or lasting days, so that she(it) reaches at the most convenient moment according to you.

To send mass SMS by internet, is simple of use(custom), fast to set up and very economic. It is the most direct and the most effective way(means) known on the market, 96 % of the received(successful) messages are read, immediately, the ROI(KING) of your communication policy will be facilitated.

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