SMS in number by internet – multiple and personalized SMS

SMS platform in number by internet, in SaaS

You arrive on this article because you look for flat one shape of sending of SMS in number by internet. You wish to spread(broadcast) massively messages text on motives(mobiles). The CLEVER technologies software publisher developed flat one mass SMS shape in mode(fashion) SaaS which gives you access has multiple possibilities of sending of messages.

  • Send SMS to number by internet since your electronic mail
  • Send SMS personalized with personalized fields
  • Send mass SMS by internet with an Excel file or .cvs

Sending of multiple SMS by internet with options:

  • Send SMS flash which opens automatically
  • Send concaténés SMS (Multiple SMS + 160 digits)
  • Send SMS to number via internet, according to predefined models
  • Send strategic SMS in advance ( recorded SMS)

The platform can also receive SMS in number, of your addressees who will make an answer. The platform offers a new more direct mode of communication with your customers, prospects, collaborators.

All the data are importable and exportable, for a better preparation and later(posterior) analysis.

Examples of massive communication: follow up customers, development of customer loyalty, reminder(abseiling) of contribution, reminder(abseiling) of RDV(MEETING), reminder(abseiling) of password.

Since your CRM, send SMS by internet to optimize cost of communication and the past(time spent) for a simple telephone communication.

The editor in also developed by the API and the Webservices which will allow to connect directly your applications to the platform of sending and SMS reception on the Internet. CLEVER Technologies

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