Sending SMS and reception of SMS by internet

Send and receive SMS by internet

The sending and the reception of SMS by internet became accessible(approachable) to all and on the whole commonplace. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to confuse(merge) all the offers and to be wary of offers traps, limits of sending, not accessible(approachable) operators, additional costs, etc. etc.

A sending of SMS by internet, has to be made in a few clicks, whether they are simple sendings or sendings of mass, that you use a predefined text either that you made up(composed) your SMS, by integrating(joining) all or part of your file (Kind(Genre), Sir, Madam, Date and time, either opening greeting).

You can also prepare in advance sendings of SMS by internet, by planning for example promotion drives planned in advance, for birthdays(anniversaries), for operations of

Choose a professional, who will bring you all the guarantees, in terms of professionalism, management and delivery(relief) of your SMS. What’s the use to send SMS, which will never arrive either which will reach the addressee with several days of delay.

When your sending of SMS by internet, will be realized, you will just have to download the results(profits), for updates and validation of your bases (errors of numbers to be corrected, inaccessible numbers), etc. etc.

Sending SMS and reception of SMS by internet

Finally if you can do the big things, you can do the little things as well, you can proceed to the sending and the reception of SMS by internet,

By using a simple interface, guided on-line and helped professionally.
By sending your SMS, via a simple sending of SMS by e-mail you specify the number, or a continuation(suite) of numbers separated by commas in the object, and you can even put it beacons, to send only all or part of your message.
By joining(contacting) a file to your e-mails, formated for that purpose.
SMS with FTP, by sending directly your files via FTP by using on Web a HTTP, simplified and secure address.
By using API ONES, integrated or not into your business-specific applications, and with the possibility of managing the answers.
Wherever from you are, you can send messages by internet, without additional cost included if you are abroad.
Send text vocal by internet on landline telephones, it is also possible, the text is vocalized and the freed message.


In brief, a simple connection will be enough for you, continue your activities, send your customers and your marketing campaigns include since the foreigner, with always the same ease and the interface simplified there for that purpose.