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Mass SMS sending by internet – Multiple SMS

To send mass SMS via internet with a platforms in SaaS

The sending of massive SMS or the sending of mass SMS by internet, became very simple. Accessible(approachable) to all, in a few clicks, you go to inform your customers or your prospects, you go to throw(launch) a new product, or simply to announce a stock shortage (very appreciated(estimated) by your customers).

You import your contacts, you generate your message either you use a predefined message, and in a simple click, your campaign(countryside) left … Include there even if you wish it by postponing her(it) from several hours or lasting days, so that she(it) reaches at the most convenient moment according to you.

To send mass SMS by internet, is simple of use(custom), fast to set up and very economic. It is the most direct and the most effective way(means) known on the market, 96 % of the received(successful) messages are read, immediately, the ROI(KING) of your communication policy will be facilitated.

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SMS in number by internet – multiple and personalized SMS

SMS platform in number by internet, in SaaS

You arrive on this article because you look for flat one shape of sending of SMS in number by internet. You wish to spread(broadcast) massively messages text on motives(mobiles). The CLEVER technologies software publisher developed flat one mass SMS shape in mode(fashion) SaaS which gives you access has multiple possibilities of sending of messages.

  • Send SMS to number by internet since your electronic mail
  • Send SMS personalized with personalized fields
  • Send mass SMS by internet with an Excel file or .cvs

Sending of multiple SMS by internet with options:

  • Send SMS flash which opens automatically
  • Send concaténés SMS (Multiple SMS + 160 digits)
  • Send SMS to number via internet, according to predefined models
  • Send strategic SMS in advance ( recorded SMS)

The platform can also receive SMS in number, of your addressees who will make an answer. The platform offers a new more direct mode of communication with your customers, prospects, collaborators.

All the data are importable and exportable, for a better preparation and later(posterior) analysis.

Examples of massive communication: follow up customers, development of customer loyalty, reminder(abseiling) of contribution, reminder(abseiling) of RDV(MEETING), reminder(abseiling) of password.

Since your CRM, send SMS by internet to optimize cost of communication and the past(time spent) for a simple telephone communication.

The editor in also developed by the API and the Webservices which will allow to connect directly your applications to the platform of sending and SMS reception on the Internet. CLEVER Technologies

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Sending SMS and reception of SMS by internet

Send and receive SMS by internet

The sending and the reception of SMS by internet became accessible(approachable) to all and on the whole commonplace. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to confuse(merge) all the offers and to be wary of offers traps, limits of sending, not accessible(approachable) operators, additional costs, etc. etc.

A sending of SMS by internet, has to be made in a few clicks, whether they are simple sendings or sendings of mass, that you use a predefined text either that you made up(composed) your SMS, by integrating(joining) all or part of your file (Kind(Genre), Sir, Madam, Date and time, either opening greeting).

You can also prepare in advance sendings of SMS by internet, by planning for example promotion drives planned in advance, for birthdays(anniversaries), for operations of

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SMS grouped by internet with flat one multi-channel shape.

Sending of SMS grouped by internet for advertising campaigns

You make a search(research) on the sending of SMS grouped by internet. You would like to make a test free of charge thus without hesitating make a demand(request) via the form of contact to try the sending multiple and grouped by SMS by the world wide wide. You can import / to export your data as one pleases. Flat on-line shape gives you a maximum of possibilities to communicate with short and intelligent messages. You can realize marketing campaigns by SMS, set up the relaunching(reflation) of produce you, send promotional messages to develop loyalty of the customers. Simple and intuitive the solution allows to send and to receive SMS by internet with multiple and personalized messages, no installation or necessary material(equipment).

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USB keys 3G and 4G to connect by internet.

USB keys 3G and 4G serve to connect by internet. A connection of the last generation which allies performance and speed in zones, often urban, covered by networks. Intended to connect, but also to store limited data, below some explanations concerning the advantages, but also the functioning of these USB keys.

USB keys 3g and 4g: all that it is necessary to know!

What are the advantages of USB keys 3g / 4g?

The first remark, it is that these keys 3g / 4g look like other classic USB keys, but they serve to connect via a wireless network with internet. Therefore, an USB key 3g / 4g replaces all the modem or the internet cubicle, and allies more power and performance. Therefore, they use the networks of the operators as WiFi or and thus requires one SIM card the subscription at the operators is essential to be able to use them. His main advantage it is that it is not cumbersome, while allowing to connect everywhere via its computer, provided that the zone of connection is covered by the operator. Furthermore, these keys can act as hotspot by accepting the division of connection with other peripherals.

How well to use USB keys 3g or 4g?

The use of these keys is very simple: having to buy them at the operator’s, it is enough to put the card(map) sim, to connect the key in its computer, then to install(settle) a small software already supplied with the key, to be able to connect freely. Furthermore, no modification of the parameters of connection of the computer is required, because the software installed(settled) meadow makes all the work. In addition to that, he(it) offers a complete information about the network, the debits(flows) of connection, the duration and the customer account(account receivable). Furthermore, keys usb 3g and 4g adapt themselves perfectly to the new technologies of Web, as Platform of sending of SMS or Web to SMS.

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